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08:52pm 04/07/2010
  actresses | bethany joy galeotti; hilarie burton; rachel mcadams; evangeline lilly; katie mcgrath; miranda otto; kristen stewart.
musicians | anneke van giersbergen; bat for lashes; laura marling; loreena mckennitt; haylay williams.
tv shows | lost; one tree hill; doctor who; merlin; veronica mars.
movies | alice in wonderland; where the wild things are.
stock | people.
wallpaper | doctor who.
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2010 Winter Olympics 
02:53pm 13/02/2010
  I know this community is basically dead...but thought I'd just post how nice it was to hear Loreena included last night in the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver (at least I THINK it was her...I haven't seen any reference to it anywhere else...but I'm pretty positive they used a short snippet of "The Old Ways" at the start of the whole "fiddlers dancing" section).

Too bad they didn't have her singing live. That would have been cool.
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Loreena McKennitt Tattoos~? 
12:08pm 13/05/2009
  I have been a fan of Loreena McKennitt for ten years now~ She's an utter goddess to me, and her music quite literally changed my life. My latest tattoo is a lyric of hers, and I thought I'd share~ Does anyone else have any Loreena tattoos? :)

On Saturday, I had the first of two sessions for my chest piece. It's a line from "The Mystic's Dream." "When darkness lays her crimson cloak, your lamps will call me home~" The final session is May 29, and I can't WAIT for it~ What will be added? Billions of stars all over it, and a middle eastern lantern in the middle (between crimson and cloak, and under).

Done by the incredible goddess Cat of Strange Brew Tattoos~

I have Tattoo Goo on it, hence the shiny!

A few more~Collapse )

(x-posted to queenloreena)
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Loreena Lyrics Icons - Part Two 
11:53am 03/09/2008
mood: creative

( A voice from down the ages, so haunting in its song... )

Looking for more Loreena lyrics icons? Feel free to check out this set. :)

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Credit magic_art
Please comment :)

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Loreena Lyrics Icons 
10:33pm 25/05/2008
mood: creative

( In the velvet of the darkness, by the silhouette of silent trees... )

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Credit magic_art
Please comment :)
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02:55pm 06/05/2008
  Does anyone have the song Penelope's Song uploaded?  
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Question about a tour song... 
02:59pm 13/04/2008
  I saw Loreena McKennitt when she was in Kalamazoo, MI about a year ago, and ever since I have desperately wanted the version of The Bonny Swans that was played here. It was so wrenching, and it was just a little bit different than the version on the Nights at the Alhambra CD/DVD (which I do have), and I was just wondering if anyone might know what I'm talking about and be able to help me out. Do any of you have a recording of it, perhaps, with all of the guitar "bumBUM"s between the lyric phrases (instead of her singing over them, like in every CD I have, she waited for them--it was by far my favorite version I've ever heard)? It made for a VERY accusing and heartbreaking and moving and very amazing end to the song, and I would lovelovelovelovelove to be able to hear it again.

It sounded very distinctly like:
And there does sit my false sister, Anne[bumBUMpause]

with a hey ho and a bonny o[bumBUMpause]

Who drowned me for the sake of a man[bumBUMpause]

the swans swim so bonny o

I absolutely fell in love with that version, and I'd love to have it. That concert was so stunning. I really wish I had written down the setlist and order because I know from friends who saw it other places that it was different everywhere :-( Of course, if anyone knew if I could find a recording of that exact concert I'd love you forever and ever and ever.

And what happened to quinlan_road? *pouts* That was a really great community. I guess we just need to get another active in its stead.
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Tickets for 05/13 Front Rows Seats 1&2 at Marin Civic Center 
11:05am 06/05/2007
mood: hopeful
I bought these tickets as soon as they were available. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to go, so I'm currently auctioning them off at eBay:

[URL=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=007&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=170109263008&rd=1&rd=1]eBay Link[/URL]

They are Front Row Seats, numbers 1&2, the best you can get.

I hate that I can't go, so it would be great of someone else go these great seats.
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10:02am 13/02/2007
mood: ecstatic
Has anyone else gotten their tickets for her tour?
It really seems like you get great seats with the pre-sale.
I'm in the 5th row just right of center for the Madison show.
It seems a lot of people are getting seats in the first 10 rows.
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06:03pm 19/11/2006
  Does anyone know who the artist is for her album "The Seasons" ? I really like that drawing, and want to find more similar to those. Here is a link to the picture: http://www.quinlanroad.com/images/explorethemusic/covers_large/todrivecoldwinter.jpg  
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Full Circle 
03:19am 25/10/2006
mood: relaxed
Allow me to preface this with the acknowledgment that I am trodding on tricky territory here. I was wondering if anyone had interpretations concerning the lyrics of Full Circle. I'm particularly interested in the second stanza:

"Somewhere the sun rose, o'er dunes in the desert
such was the stillness, I ne'er felt before
Was this the question, pulling, pulling, pulling you
in your heart, in your soul, did you find rest there?"

The stillness seems to refer to the prayerful voice in the first stanza. What is the question? Clues may be found in the liner notes for the album, but beyond that I'm rather lost.
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10:05pm 11/08/2006
  QR released a e-card with a new song from loreena's new cd playing in the background. it sounds really amazing, GAH! I cant wait!!! heres the link...
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Sheet Music 
12:29pm 23/06/2006
  I'm not sure of how to do the fancy web-page-in-an-entry thing that used to happen all of the time in this community, but Quinlan Road is now advertising sheet music of a great many of Loreena's songs. If you've ever wanted to sit at the piano and play Dante's Prayer yourself, now's your chance! Check it out: http://www.quinlanroad.com  
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The Mystic's Dream text icons 
12:25am 09/04/2006
  [20] Phantom of the Opera (for elite100)
[40] Moulin Rouge
[35] Phantom of the Opera artwork
[25] various lyrics
[20] Queen Margot
[10] Henri Toulouse-Lautrec artwork


( the sun's sleeping quietly )
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Lyrical Icons 
08:07pm 09/01/2006
mood: sleepy

I've made some icons featuring Loreena lyrics; they're not fantastic, but I thought I'd share. If anyone has a specific lyric they'd like "iconized", I'd be happy to do it for you :-)

oh night thou was my guide...Collapse )
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07:55pm 27/11/2005
mood: contemplative
ok, update...

I'm giving all of you power to screw with the colours and such! I don't mind... but I want to have certian people who have this power not all of you...

Who would like to be able to play with the colours, pictures, and all the rest???????????


and your going "why dosn't she do it?" I have too much other stuff to do.. it's all school and life related! I'm a newly 18 year old teenager... I've got stuff to do, i'm graduating in little over a year.. so I need to get scholarships and such ready and or done! ok... so I have alittle to do!

Someone please willingly take the job of getting this to look right, yes the colours look stupid right now, someone else will have to take over, improve and make it look so much better...

Please! leave me a message here or on my own personal Journal, but please, let me know if your intersted in RUNNING this!
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The Mystic's Dream lyrics 
04:43pm 23/11/2005
mood: distressed
Dear all
I'm a newbie here but I've been Loreena fan for about a year.
I've got a question. Everybody knows the Mystic's Dream. It's my favorite Loreena song. BUT I have no idea what it is about. I don't understand the lyrics. They seem a little illogical and strange to me (which makes them even more beautiful ^^).
Anyway, could you tell me how do you interpret them? The most important thing for me is the eyes declare a truce of trust line.
I've posted lyrics behind the cut hereCollapse )
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09:07pm 19/11/2005
  6 Loreena McKennitt IconsCollapse )

Take, Comment, Credit, please! ^^

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05:47pm 26/10/2005

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07:53pm 14/10/2005
mood: grateful
Hello, everyone!
I have only recently joined LJ, but one of my first actions was to search out a Loreena McKennit community. I can never find anyone to talk to about her and her music.
I was introduced to Loreena when I was in middle school, The Visit specifically, and I have been an addict ever since.
I love it because it helps me see the past, as I am an archaeology student, and it keeps the mystery in ancient times, even when I am examining their trash (which is far more informative than you'd think.)
I have never, in all my eclectic searching, found anything to match, outstrip, or even parallel Loreena's Music in another genre.
To be a little cheesy (but I really do feel this way) Her music resonates with my soul in a way that nothing else ever has.
So, thank you Loreena, for sharing your incredible gift with the rest of us.
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